At Brilliant Pixel Imaging we offer a wide range of services for commercial photographers.  Our combined 15 years of experience, fast turnaround and ability to work remotely means that your images are in expert hands.

 What Brilliant Pixel Imaging Can Offer You!

I. Years of Professional Experience
We've amassed over a decade of experience in the field of digital imaging, working extensively with freelance photographers, small startup businesses, and global fashion retailers alike. We've sat in on the studio process from beginning to end, so we're prepared to help anticipate each client's needs on an individual basis. Our team comprises professionals with a variety of skills, all with adept training they've acquired both through educational and hands-on experience.

II. Small Business, High Standards
Our team may be small, but our dedication to quality is paramount! No matter the scope of the project or the size of the client, we employ the same high standards for all images that end up in our care. We work diligently to understand what our clients are looking for so that we can ensure their vision is completed both skillfully and efficiently, all within the agreed upon schedule and with few corrections needed. We believe that it's important for multiple sets of eyes to review a project before it's deemed complete, so this is a service that is already figured into our project rates.

III. Stress-Free Corrections Process
We understand that revisions are par for the course, especially when a professional relationship has just begun to establish itself. Because of this, we try to make the process as easy as possible on our clients. Some companies choose to charge extra for revisions once a project has been turned in, but Brilliant Pixel Imaging can guarantee you two rounds of corrections, free of charge, usually delivered within one business day!

IV. This is Our Day Job
Honestly, we could do this all day-- and we do! We maintain regular office hours, so we're never distracted from our work for very long. This allows us the time to sustain a reliable line of communication with our clients, as well as the opportunity to complete urgent projects in a swift and efficient manner. Also included is the use of an Account Manager, whose sole purpose is to ensure that our clients' needs are proficiently met.

V. Competitive and Flexible Rates
Through our experiences with both small clients and large retailers, we've learned that no two clients require the same level or type of work. Because of this, we've established a flexible rate plan that adheres to a variety of needs. Once the requirements of a project have been established, we can offer a sensible rate that benefits both parties. We believe everyone should receive high quality results that they can also afford, no matter the project!

List of services

  • Shaping of body

  • Add/ remove highlights or shadows

  • Removal of unwanted objects

  • Eye sharpening

  • Dark circle removal

  • Teeth whitening

  • Background removal

  • Exposure and color correction

  • Removal of skin imperfections

  • Removal/ softening of wrinkles

  • Removal of stray hairs

  • Skin smoothing

  • Change of background color

  • Correct fit of clothing


 Rates available upon request.